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Valentine’s Day Tips for Every Stage of Your Love Life in Malaysia

Updated: Jun 14

Ah, Valentine’s Day in Malaysia. A day when love is in the air, and the pressure to spend is everywhere. But fear not, whether you’re single, tangled up, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered with some financial planning tips and budget-friendly date ideas to keep both your heart and wallet full.

Here's the comprehensive list, jump to the section that most applies to you!

(We weren't joking when we said 'every stage of your love life').

For the Singles: 

You’re not single; you’re just in a committed relationship with your finances. Congratulations, you two are perfect for each other! Now in order to keep this relationship well and healthy, we have a few suggestions for you. 

Allocate some money to personal development, wellness, or discover new hobbies and passions, like:

1. Gym Memberships

Invest in your physical and mental well-being with a gym membership. Here are a list of options for you to choose from:

Anytime Fitness

Available in 16 locations.


Celebrity Fitness

Available in 21 locations.



Access to many different fitness studios, gyms, spas and salons. 

Min. RM39 for 5 credits

(The cost of one class, in credits, depends on the sport, popularity and the place)

Walk-in gyms

Check your area! 


Pro tip: Considering your finesse skills, you can actually bargain your gym membership costs. 

Be in control of the love you’re pouring into yourself emotionally and financially. If you feel like there’s something lacking, it’s a sign that it might be time for a change.

2. Self-development

Take part in activities that stimulate and enrich your mind, like:


Check out Good Times DIY Pottery Studio in Paradigm mall.


Sip and paint

If you’re in the Klang Valley area, check out Art and Bonding!


Rug tufting

Tuftme has 3 outlets across the Klang Valley!


Cooking and baking classes

ABC Cooking Studio offers comprehensive classes on either cooking or baking!


Batik painting

Jadi Batek offers a variety of workshops regarding batiks.


Pro tip: Bring your friend along or make new friends there! 

This Valentine’s Day, splurge on the one who truly deserves it: you. 

A woman rubbing her temples as a man argues with her

For Situationships:

If defining the relationship is more complex than Add Maths, maybe it’s best to keep V-day lowkey. Movie night at home, perhaps? It’s easy, affordable and free of any relationship-defining implications.

Netflix subscription

Watch movies like:

  • Mukhsin (2006)

  • Set It Up (2018)

  • Always Be My Maybe (2019)

  • No Strings Attached (2011)

  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)


Fast food

  • 5-pc combo at KFC

  • HB 07 (2 Chick n Crisp + 2 Cheesy Fries + Taro Pie + 2 Coke) at Burger King

  • MyBox Duo Pizza at Pizza Hut

RM45.99 RM34.90 RM36.80

Pro tip: Take advantage of V-Day and finally ask where the relationship is going, but you have to be ready for the answer, otherwise don't ask!

For New Relationships

By new relationships, we mean like a 2-3 months long. If you're only three dates in, then maybe you should skip out on V-Day.

But if you've already DTF (defined the relationship) plus said the L word and all of that, here's what we suggest:

Small, yet thoughtful gifts

  • If you both love yapping, get conversation starter cards like this.

  • If they love food, cook for them! Here are some recipes to consider.

  • If they love games, have you heard of It Takes Two -available on PlayStation, Nintendo and PC.

  • If they love money, recommend Mr Money TV to them.

RM20+ RM50+ RM150+ FREE

Expensive and thoughtful gifts

  • Personalised jewelry like a handmade ring engraved with both of your initials.

  • Limited edition items that aligns with your partner's interest, such as limited edition notebooks, a collector's edition of their favourite game, or a special release of a product that they like!

  • Concert or event tickets that they're a big fan of.(SupaLapa is happening in March, if you want to check out who's performing.)

RM500+ RM90+ RM400+

Pro tip: Talk about your expectations for V-Day to make sure you're both on the same page!

A man on his knees giving a bouquet of flowers to a woman with her arms crossed.

For Struggling Relationships

If your love life needs CPR, forget your wallet! It's time for genuine, heartfelt gestures.

Small gestures usually speak volumes. Think back to what made two get together in the first place and put those memories to paper.

Consider making a scrapbook with pictures of significant moments you and your partner shared together to reignite the spark.

Fancy photo books

RM10+ RM20+

DIY photo books

  • Find your nearest camera shop, they usually have photo printing machines. All you need is your phone or USB.

  • Buy a scrapbook online or at your nearest stationary store.

  • Don't forget glue and marker pen!

RM5+ per photo RM15+ RM5+

For Committed Relationships

In a committed relationship and feeling like your partner might not be seeing the big, flashing "I'm ready for more" signs you have up? Don't worry, we got you!

Here are some ways to make your intentions clear, without making your partner run away:

Ring-making classes

Pakanira lets you choose from five different ring designs and you can engrave whatever you want on it.


Flower arrangement workshops

Dear J Flower by Jane has a Floral Jamming Afternoon Tea workshop that teaches you how to arrange flowers and even provides tea and cakes!


Property hunting

Drive around your neighbourhood and point out houses for sale/rent. Then tell your partner the life you imagine in those houses. This will really seal the deal.


A woman on her phone while her two daughters play fight in the background

Finally, for the Married

There's only one thing parents want on Valentine's Day. Alone time in the bedroom to finally get some good quality sleep. What were you thinking?


You most likely have a daycare for your child already, so it doesn't seem right for us to suggest one. But since V-day is on a workday, why not take the day off?

Annual Leave


The best, most cost-efficient babysitter are your parents. They love their grandchildren! So on V-Day, surprise them with a visit and then leave the house as fast as possible (without your kids, of course).


Happy Valentine's Day from Mr Money Tv!

There you have it — a Valentine's Day survival guide for every type of relationship in Malaysia, from the blissfully unattached to the happily tangled.

Remember, whether you're swiping right, dropping hints for something more, or just trying to catch some Z's away from your kids, the best V-Day is the one that makes you happy!


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