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7 Best 12.12 Promotion Sale in Malaysia (2023)

It’s SHOPPING SEASON once more! December is finally here and that means SALES, SALES, SALES! From online 12.12 promotions all the way to year-end annual sales in malls. We certainly can’t get enough of it.

Back in the day, it was easier to keep track of sales and promotions – you’d just walk into a mall and see promotional sales in front of shops – but now with the advent of the internet, it may almost feel like too many sales (or are there no such things?)

So in this article, I’m going to highlight the 7 best 12.12 Promotion Sale you’ll definitely not want to miss out on this shopping season in Malaysia.

#1 Klook

In line with their theme of Conquer Your Adventure With Klook, they have four main promotions this year-end.

Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023

Sitewide Sale (6 Nov - 1 Jan)

Get up to RM175 Off sitewide.

Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023

Weekend Hotel Sale (Every Friday - Sunday in December)

Get 12% Off for all hotels in Malaysia weekend in December. Minimum spend of RM300, capped at RM50.

Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023 weekend hotel sale

12.12 Sale (11-13 Dec):

Deal 1: 12% Off sitewide
Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023

Deal 2: Buy 1 Free 1 Theme Parks
Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023 theme park

Deal 3: 50% Off tours and experiences
Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023 tours and experiences

11% Off sitewide (13-10 Dec):

Limited to Aeon credit card users with discount capped at RM50.

Klook 12.12 promotion sale 2023

#2 Machines

Not exactly a 12.12 sale but Machines are offering some special deals this month.

  1. Airpods: Save up to RM110

  2. Apple Watch: Save up to RM700

  3. iPad: Save up to RM300

  4. iPhone: Save up to RM850

  5. MacBook: Save up to RM600

machines malaysia

#3 Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale

Of course, how can I forget Shopee’s annual 12.12 Birthday Sale!

shopee 12.12 promotion sale birthday

Promotions include:

  1. 12PM Super Seringgit deals

  2. 15% Cashback hours (8pm)

  3. 12.12 Early Bird vouchers: 95% vouchers + free shipping

  4. 12.12 Only vouchers and deals

  5. RM12 Knockout deals (12pm & 10pm on 12 Dec)

  6. 12.12 Christmas deals

  7. Year-end clearance sales

#4 Lazada 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale

Another contender for the biggest 12.12 sale is Lazada! This year, their theme is Lazada 12.12 All Out Year-End Sale.

lazada 12.12 promotion sale malaysia

This year, their promotions include:

  1. Savings with up to 90% Off vouchers

  2. RM 9 Off every RM90 spent

  3. Mesti Beli promos from LazMall brands like Puma, Apple, Dyson and more

#5 Zalora 12.12 Sale

I don’t know about you guys but I always like to start my new year with at least one brand-new set of clothes. Something about “new year, new me”, y’know?

And with end-year sales, it makes shopping that much sweeter!

zalora 12.12 promotion sale malaysia

Zalora’s 12.12 Sale is happening from 9-14 December. You can get:

  1. Discounts of 50-90% Off

  2. Cash vouchers to claim

  3. Gift recommendation deals starting from RM30

  4. 70% Off for last-chance items

  5. 12.12 Mission Quest Mania: Join the quest and win prizes worth up to RM100,000

  6. Zalora VIP:

  • 24-hour early access (8 Dec, 12am)

  • Up to 90% Off + stackable 5% Off during special hours

  • 6-9% cashback deals

  • Guaranteed 3% cashback on every order

  • Unlimited free shipping

#6 Watson 12.12 Sale-Bration

Time to stock up on all your drugstore needs this month! Get up to 70% Off this 1-15 December with Watson’s 12.12 Sale-Bration.

watson 12.12 promotion sale malaysia salebration

  1. Shop by Brands: Get up to RM18 Off

  2. Get up to 50% Off for healthcare, personal care, skincare, cosmetics, lifestyle & home

  3. Supreme Savings: Up to 70% Off

  4. Limited-time vouchers to be claimed

  5. 24-hour flash deals

  6. 12.12 Season of Gifting: Up to 50% Off

To make the pot sweeter, if you check out with Atome from 5-14 Dec, you can get RM20 off with a minimum spend of RM200. Limited to 130 redemptions daily.

#7 Dyson 12.12 Sale

Been eyeing that Dyson vacuum cleaner or AirWrap for a while now? Well, you’re in luck! Dyson’s 12.12 sale is giving up to RM1,200 worth of savings and gifts.

dyson 12.12 promotion sale malaysia

  1. Dyson AirWrap: Save RM450 (Usual price: RM2,899; 12.12 sale: RM2,449)

  2. Dyson Vacuum (V11 Absolute): Save RM1,200 (Usual price: RM3,899; 12.12 sale: RM2,699)

  3. Dyson Purifier Cool: Save RM400 (Usual price: RM3,599; 12.12 sale: RM3,199)

  4. Dyson Corrale: Save RM600 (Usual price: RM2,599; 12.12 sale: RM1,999)

  5. Other exclusive offers + additional RM100 off

Stay Financially Smart This 12.12 Promotion Sale Season in Malaysia

End-year promotions and 12.12 sales can tap into that side of our brain that impulsively buys things, tempting us with seemingly irresistible deals and discounts. However, it's crucial to stay financially smart during this period.

So, here are some tips to help you make the most out of the sales season without compromising your budget:

#1 Set a Budget: Before the sales begin, decide on a budget. This will be your spending limit, helping to keep impulsive purchases in check.

#2 Make a Shopping List: Identify what you truly need or have been planning to buy for a long time. Stick to this list to avoid unnecessary purchases.

#3 Compare Prices: With so many deals available, take the time to compare prices across different platforms. Sometimes, what seems like a great deal might be cheaper elsewhere.

#4 Use Cashback and Reward Programs: Take advantage of cashback offers and reward programs that can provide additional savings.

#5 Research Big-Ticket Items: For more expensive purchases, do your research. Read reviews and check the product specifications to ensure it's a worthwhile investment.

#6 Don’t Get Swayed by Flash Sales: Flash sales can create a sense of urgency, but don’t let this pressure you into buying something you don’t really need.

#7 Keep Track of Your Spending: Throughout the sales season, keep track of your expenditures. This helps you stay within your budget and assess your spending habits.

Remember, a good deal is only beneficial if it aligns with your needs and financial goals.

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