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How to Truly Enjoy Life's Big Moments with PRUMan and PRULady

Our society is always changing, right? We’re no longer seeing those old school ideas about men and women. All those rigid boundaries are fading and it’s making room for a more dynamic blend of gender roles. But this shift doesn’t erase the unique biological and physical differences between men and women - as the old saying goes, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” 

PRUMan PRULady asian celebrating fireworks

Harvard Health highlights an overlooked reality: men often face more chronic illnesses and shorter life spans compared to women. Prudential pays attention to these kinds of things! That’s why they created PRUMan and PRULady - specialized gender-specific critical illness plans. These plans are not just insurance; they’re finely tuned to cater to the distinctive needs of both genders. 

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on what makes PRUMan and PRULady stand out. 

Robust coverage up to 260% for Bouncing Back and Living It Up

Face a diagnosis with confidence, with a guaranteed 100% payout and up to 60% for your recovery journey. Plus, for an early sign of cancer, like Carcinoma-in-situ, they provide a 50% lump sum payout. And they’re even throwing in fertility care coverage – yup, up to RM 15,000 per life!

Cheers to Your Victories: A Bonus for Every Win with PRUMan and PRULady

PRUMan PRULady asian moving renovation house

Imagine scoring that long-awaited promotion at work! Friends and family are cheering, and guess who's joining the celebration? PRUMan and PRULady, handing you a cash reward. The best part? Life’s full of these big moments – marriage, homeownership, parenthood, and retirement. Bag up to 3 rewards, each worth 3% of your basic sum assured (BSA).

Full-On Well-being, Inside Out!

Prudential cares about the good stuff – not just major life events, but your overall well-being. Struggling with mental health or battling acne? PRUMan and PRULady offer coverage up to RM 5,000 per life to deal with these. Because feeling good means taking care of yourself, inside and out.

Cheers to Your Golden Years: Bonus Bonanza!

PRUMan PRULady asian couple old

Hit 60, and it's party time! PRUMan & PRULady are throwing in a cash reward – 5% of the total premium paid. The fun continues at 65 with another 5%. And the cherry on top? At 70, you get 100% - in total you’ve racked up 110% of all your premiums back. That’s more dough for living it up in retirement!

Ready to kickstart your wild, free, and carefree journey with PRUMan and PRULady? They’re more than just plans; they’re your ticket to financial freedom and solid support. Click here to dive into the awesomeness!

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