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M+ Global Review Malaysia

Interactive Brokers? Too complicated. Rakuten? Too limited.

So, what can you use to trade US stocks? Let me introduce you to the newest kid on the block, M+ Global.

A Comprehensive M+ Global Review (Mplus Global) Malaysia

M+ Global investment trading broker app

What is M+ Global (Mplus Global)?

M+ Global is a global trading platform based in Malaysia with access to markets in the United States and Hong Kong. You’ll get to invest in stocks, warrants, ETFs, IPOs, bonds and many more with just a touch of a button.

Started by Malacca Securities Sdn. Bhd., they have had 60 years of experience in our local investment landscape.

They are also listed as a participating organisation under Bursa Malaysia as well as licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia since 1963.

So, you can say that they go way back (and are very trustworthy).


  • Account Opening Fee: RM11

  • Trading Fee: US$3/trade or 0.10% of trade value (whichever is higher). For reference, check the table below.

M+ Global Trading Fees

Types of Accounts

Malaysia Market

M+ Global Review Malaysia

1. Cash Account

When an investor opens a M+ Global Cash Account, they’ll be automatically opening a direct Central Depository System (CDS) account.

This means the investor will own the stocks, and have access to corporate actions (such as dividend payments, rights issues, or bonus share distributions) and when the investor sells stocks, the funds will be directly deposited into their account.

2. Islamic Cash Account

The Islamic Cash Account allows investors to engage in compliant investments according to Islamic principles.

The account is established based on Islamic financial principles, avoiding interest-based transactions and investments related to non-Islamic businesses.

3. Collateralised Account

In other words, M+ Global offers the option of opening a margin account through their Collateralised Account.

Through this account, investors will be able to borrow money from the broker (in this case, Malacca Securities) to buy securities. Essentially, you deposit some money and the broker lends you the rest.

However, do note that although margin trading has the potential to amplify gains, it also has the potential to amplify losses. So, do be wary of this if you choose to trade on margin.

The investor will only need to pay for the purchase of those securities two working days after the transaction date (T+2).

US & HK Market

M+ Global Review Malaysia

1. Share Financing Margin Account

Similar to the Collateralised Account for the MY market, when you open a share financing margin account, you'll be borrowing funds from Malacca Securities to buy US and HK securities.

It's worth noting that, a margin account may bear interest and has no settlement deadline until a Margin Call is received. If the account's risk level reaches a certain threshold, the broker has the right to liquidate the securities in the account.

Account Opening (Existing User from M+ Online)

If you already have an account with M+ Online, you can now link it to your new M+ Global account for free. Here's how you do it in just 6 simple steps:

1. Click on the registration page.

2. Log in to the M+ Global application.

3. Select the account type.

4. Declare your tax residency.

5. Read and agree to the account opening agreement and relevant disclosures.

6. Provide an electronic signature.

All that is left is to wait for your account approval before you can trade the world.

How To Open A M+ Global Account: A Step-By-Step Guide (New User)

I opened an account the other day and it literally only took 5 minutes! It’s so, so quick and easy to open. Follow these next few steps and you’ll be on your way to trading all the US stocks you want.

1. Fill in your Contact Information

Click here and start filling out your contact information like your phone number, email address, and username. Make sure to use our invitation code: T30E.

M+ Global Account Opening Contact Information

2. Choose your preferred Market and Account Type

If you’re new to investing, you can select Cash Account under the MY Market. Check that you also select the US Market and HK Market so that you’re able to trade in those markets. And if you'd like, you can also turn on the Share Margin Financing Account for the US and HK markets.

M+ Global Account Opening Market and Account Type

3. Proceed to Identity Verification

Fill in your full name (as per NRIC), and MyKad number and proceed to their eKYC (snap pictures of the front and back of your IC as well as record a 2-4 seconds video selfie).

Their verification will take less than 30 seconds to complete so it’s quite instantaneous.

M+ Global Account Opening Identity Verification

4. Fill in your Personal Details

Provide all details requested for this section such as your full name, gender, race, address, and marital status.

M+ Global Account Opening Personal Details

5. Provide your Employment and Spouse Details

Similar to the previous section, fill in the details of your employment and if you have a spouse, fill in their details as well.

M+ Global Account Opening Employment and Spouse Details

6. Verify your Financial Profile

For this section, you’ll want to provide details on your preferred banking account that will be linked to your M+ Global account.

Keep in mind that you’ll also have to provide proof of your bank statement which can easily be obtained through your email. Simply screenshot your bank statement and upload it in the requested section.

M+ Global Account Opening Financial Profile

7. Determine your Investment Risk Profile

In this section, you’ll be required to take a basic risk assessment. This is just to better understand what kind of investor you are, the investment goals you have in mind and the investing timeframe. This will not affect the choice of securities and markets that are made available to you.

M+ Global Account Opening Investment Risk Profile

8. Fill in your Tax Residency

Typical to all trading platforms, you’ll need to provide your tax residency as well as your Tax Identification Number (TIN) for this section.

M+ Global Account Opening Tax Residency

9. Declarations & Agreements and Disclosures

Check all the boxes that apply to these two sections.

M+ Global Account Opening Declaration and Agreement and Disclosure

10. Confirm your registration

Simply provide your digital signature and make the RM11 account opening fee to confirm your registration. Finally, wait 1-3 working days for your evaluation to process.

And that’s it! 10 steps, 5 minutes, KAOTIM!

Pros and Cons of M+ Global

Competition may be tough for M+ Global with other more well-known brokerages out there like Interactive Brokers and Rakuten but I can confidently say that this new kid on the block has what it takes to take on all of them.

So, here are some of the pros and cons of using M+ Global.


1. Trade using MYR

As M+ Global is based in Malaysia (and in some ways, made for Malaysians), you’re able to trade US and Hong Kong stocks with MYR. In under 3 minutes, you can fund your account in our local currency using FPX.

So, there's no need to go through the hassle of opening an overseas account, funding it, linking it to the brokerage and undertaking all of those frills.

2. Over 200 licensed dealer representatives

Facing trouble while using the platform? Just reach out to their customer support team! They’re available 24 hours a day to assist you in any way.

In comparison, all this while as a Malaysian we've only had the option of using overseas brokerage so getting assistance is quite difficult, especially if we take into account the timezone difference.

However, with M+ Global, since it's locally based, help is readily available whenever you need it.

M+ Global Customer Service

3. Real-time access to the market

Get real-time access to NASDAQ, NYSE and HKEX prices and data. This way, you’ll get to observe the changing market conditions and decide if you’d like to trade instantly on the security.

4. Offers Shariah-compliant filtered stocks

M+ Global has partnered with IdealRating Inc, to offer a comprehensive list of Shariah-compliant investments for our Muslim friends.

Simply click on the button that says “Shariah” and you’ll get to see all the US and HK securities which are compliant.

For your information, IdealRatings Inc. has a global presence, serving clients like JP Morgan and Bloomberg.

5. User-friendly and comprehensive

The entire account opening process can be done digitally in less than 5 minutes. Their app is also very intuitive, clean and simple to use. At the same time, they offer various tools like a watchlist, news and quote marketplace.

M+ Global Market News


1. Unable to buy fractional shares

If you’ve used Interactive Brokers (IBKR), you’ll know of their feature to buy fractional shares. Fractional shares allow investors to own a portion of a share, enabling more accessible and affordable investment opportunities.

Unfortunately, M+ Global doesn’t have this feature… yet. However, the platform has plans to offer US fractional shares in the near future. Looks like we’ve just gotta stay tuned for it then.

2. Limited market access

At the time of writing, M+ Global only offers access to the US and Hong Kong markets. Other markets like Europe, Canada, and the Asia Pacific are still not available; so hopefully it’ll be added on soon.

3. It’s still new

M+ Global just launched this year so it’s still too new to tell or have a proper user review.

There are also several features that haven’t been made available like fractional shares (as mentioned previously), Hong Kong IPOs and option trading. So at least that’s something to look forward to.

Our Verdict

I’ve played around with their app for a few days and have deposited a fair amount of funds in the app. Honestly, I have to say, the platform is very intuitive and easy to understand. I can get information like the market overview, sector and top stocks performance, specifically diving into each stock's financial analysis easily without having to Google search for anything.

The best part is that I can create a watchlist of all the stocks I want to keep an eye on, label them according to their sector, for example, and then track them to the indices I prefer. I also get to receive the latest market news as well as curated news based on my watchlist.

M+ Global Watchlist

Free Palantir Stock For First RM2,000 Deposit

Currently, M+ Global also has an offer to receive 1x Palantir stock if you deposit RM2,000 into their account.


Overall, if you’re new to investing, I highly recommend M+ Global because their platform is genuinely so easy to use and you don’t have to worry about converting your money or any of that. I hope this M+ Global Review helps especially if you're based in Malaysia.

Again, click here to sign up for M+ Global and don’t forget to use our invitation code: T30E.

M+ Global Banner


This is not an investment advice. All content produced is solely for education and entertainment purposes only. Please consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

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