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Should You Subscribe To GrabUnlimited?

With over 20 million registered users, Grab has dominated almost every aspect of Malaysians’ lives. As they would say, “From essential services to earning opportunities. We're an all-in-one platform.”

Since late 2021, Grab has introduced a new subscription feature – GrabUnlimited. It's a subscription plan that offers a slew of benefits for a flat monthly fee of RM4.90. And for the first two months, the subscription is free!

So, is it worth it to subscribe to GrabUnlimited?

Should You Subscribe To GrabUnlimited?

Benefits of GrabUnlimited (Monthly)

Food Benefits

  • 20x Hot Deals Exclusive Monthly Promotion

  • 10% Off Self-Pick-Up

  • Unlimited GrabFood Direct Delivery Discount capped at 99 orders per month

  • Free delivery (up to RM3) with a minimum spend of RM20

Car Benefits

  • 1x RM5 off GrabRide from Malaysian Airports

  • Unlimited Always-on access to Top-Rated Drivers

  • 1x Airports Rides in Southeast Asia

Mart Benefits

  • 10x Free delivery (up to RM3) with a minimum spend of RM40

  • 8x Payday Deals Exclusive Monthly Promotion

GrabRewards Benefits

  • Earn more GrabRewards when you spend

  • Redeem exclusive discounted GrabRewards vouchers

GrabUnlimited: Doing The Maths

To demonstrate how much you can potentially save, we ordered food from Nando’s for lunch to show you the difference between using a normal Grab account and a GrabUnlimited account:

GrabUnlimited Promotion

Normal Grab User

Total: RM29.90 (Total savings of RM8)

RM32.90 (Original price) + RM5 (delivery fee) - RM8 (Grab Signature 20% Off + Hungry Deals 15% Off) = RM29.90

GrabUnlimited Member

Total: RM22.90 (Total savings of RM15)

RM32.90 (Original price) + RM2 (Free Delivery: RM3) - RM12 (GrabUnlimited + Grab Signatures 20% Off) = RM22.90

It’s pretty clear that with GrabUnlimited, you’ll be able to save almost 2x more than normal users. And with just one order, you would've already “made back” the monthly subscription of RM4.90!

The Verdict: Is GrabUnlimited Worth Subscribing To?

I've been a user of GrabUnlimited since March 2022, and I must say, it's quite worth it. One of the biggest perks is the increased number of vouchers available, and even better, the option to combine two vouchers for added savings. This feature has been particularly beneficial in my use of GrabFood, where I've saved around RM445.

From my perspective, GrabUnlimited is particularly advantageous for those who frequently use Grab's services. However, for those who only occasionally use Grab, the benefits might not be as noticeable. Overall, it's been a positive experience, offering substantial value for regular users like myself.

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