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A Simplified Approach to Investing in Gold: TNG e-Wallet e-Mas

Updated: Jul 3

Have you ever wanted to invest in gold but found it too expensive or complicated? Traditionally, gold investments have been out of reach for many everyday investors due to high costs and accessibility issues. But thanks to technological advancements, investing in gold has become easier and more accessible through digital platforms.

A digital gold investment allows you to buy and sell gold electronically without the hassle of dealing with physical gold. It's like owning gold, but instead of physically storing the metal, you manage it digitally through apps and online platforms.

TNG collaborated with CIMB Bank to launch e-Mas, a new feature within the TnG e-Wallet app

TNG Digital recently collaborated with CIMB Bank to introduce a new feature within the TNG e-Wallet app, e-Mas, a gold investment feature that provides users with a simplified and accessible way to invest in gold digitally. 

Frankie from the FAQ Show

Hi! I'm Frankie from the FAQ Show, and here's my thoughts on this new feature:

Low Entry Barrier

One of the best things about e-Mas is that you can start investing with as little as RM10. Unlike traditional gold investments, which require you to buy at least 1g of gold costing over RM300, this lower entry point makes gold investing accessible to those just starting out.

No Transaction Costs

e-Mas is a paper gold investment, which means you avoid the additional costs that come with traditional gold investments, like storing and insuring physical gold. This type of investment is perfect if you prefer trading gold without dealing with the logistics of physical bullion. Plus, e-Mas is available to all eKYC-verified users on the platform, providing an accessible entry point into gold investment from as low as RM10 with no hidden costs.

High Liquidity

Building on that, paper gold offers high liquidity. This means you have the flexibility to convert your assets into cash whenever you need it, which is a huge advantage.

Seamless and User-Friendly Experience

TNG e-Wallet e-Mas launch

Everything is handled through the TNG e-Wallet app. You can see the buy and sell quotes transparently on the app, and the minimum sell value is RM10 or the equivalent in grams. Besides buying and selling, you can monitor gold prices with live updates and manage your investments directly via e-Mas. It’s straightforward and easy to use.

Note: Please note that at the moment, gold investments done through e-Mas are currently not Shariah compliant due to their digital nature. TNG Digital and CIMB are working together to introduce Shariah-compliant offerings in the future. Currently, users cannot redeem physical gold bars, which are held in custody by CIMB. However, plans to implement this feature are in the works for the second phase, though this is still some time away.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can access e-Mas by launching the TNG e-Wallet app and tapping on the feature’s icon in the Recommended section. Alternatively, you can find it under the “Investment” category via the app’s GOfinance feature. Just make sure to update the eWallet to the latest version to enjoy this feature and other new offerings from TNG.


Investing in gold doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. With options like e-Mas, you can start small, trade easily, and manage your investment through a familiar platform. It's a convenient and secure way to explore gold investments and potentially enhance your financial portfolio.

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